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How Paper Cup Manufacturers Are Helping the Environment

Single-use plastic cups have always been criticized by organizations that want to tackle the plastic waste in the country. The reason for this criticism is that these cups cannot be recycled and they end up contaminating waste streams. As a result, more waste ends up in landfill. Recognizing the environmental footprint of single-use plastic cups, paper … Read more

France bans plastic cups

The French government has passed a new law making it compulsory for all disposable plastic cups, cutlery, and plates to be made from compostable material. The law is due to come into effect in 2020. Pack2Go Europe, an organisation representing European packaging manufacturers has urged the European Commission to take action against France for breaking … Read more

Why Are Plastic Cups Bad For The Environment?

Single-use, disposable plastic cups are a staple for kid’s parties and music festivals alike. However, much like plastic straws, consumers are slowly becoming more aware of their environmental impact.  From the carbon emissions related to their production to the fact that they will spend (literally) hundreds of years in landfill. They can cause havoc and … Read more
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